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Friday, March 15, 2019

What I Ate On Day 15 of My Challenge

Hello all! Vegan mama Dee here! Now, I have not been giving you a lot of updates on my 40-Day Raw Vegan Intermittent Fasting Challenge because there was nothing to report back. Yes, I know, it's still an excuse. Until recently, I was basically eating the same foods every day, which was getting boring (except for my smoothies, lol). At the same time, I was making new creations for my family and they said my meals were delicious. I can't wait to remake some of the meals after the challenge. Here's what I ate on day 15:

During my fasting time, I drank citrus water... It's about 2 1/2 cups of 9.5 alkaline water, which I get fresh from my machine. If you want an alkaline machine, visit or call 1-833-579-7559 and use sponsor number 7318992. For the citrus, I sliced up half an orange, half of a lemon, and half of a lime. I also added colloidal minerals, which is liquid minerals. Here's a pic of my citrus water:

To break my fast (aka breakfast), I drank a green smoothie, which I always look forward to. Click here for the recipe. 

For what you would consider lunch, I had a salad with avocado sauce. It was delicious, as well:

For dinner timeframe, I ate a kind of burrito or taco or something, lol, using seasoned and marinated veggies and guacamole in a marinated squash skin. It was so good. I ordered some raw coconut wraps, which will get here next Friday. So looking forward to that. Anyway, here's my dinner...

I was busy for most of the day. The citrus water kept me in check so I'm going to keep drinking it.

If you enjoy my food blogs, please let me know. Next Friday, I'll have my raw coconut wraps so I'm looking forward to sharing that experience with you. Until then, talk soon. Much love!

P.S.--my natural hair is currently loc'd. I started my loc journey in July 2018.

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